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Do not Tumble Dry
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I no longer use DA - due to their latest development to "combat" art theft, all my submissions have been put into storage, and I will not be returning.

I can be found:
Hi everyone.

Just letting folks here know that I've gone through what deviations I have here and put most, basically almost every one of them, into my scraps folder. The idea was to clean out the pieces that were either:

- very very VERY outdated, in both subject matter and (what little) skill
- just plain ugly

What's left in the main gallery are the ones that I'm still either fond of or are my "popular" and more polished pieces.

In terms of actually uploading art to here again... I know I say it almost every year, and I get really big urges to do so, but all up I am just not comfortable with posting anything to DA any more. Not only is the interface ridiculous, and always changing to be more infuriating, but from what I've heard the mods here just... don't seem to really care about upholding their own rules, especially when it comes to art theft and the like.

I know it's bound to happen, what with the nature of the internet and what have you. I do understand, and I try my level best to not get upset over it as much as I used to back in the day. But I also want to know that if it DOES become a serious matter (i.e. someone starts trying to sell my work for whatever reason, or even starts abusing ME when THEY stole from me), I want to know that the mods will actually back me up, or at least consider the situation. And from what I've seen and hear, they don't. I understand needing to stand on neutral ground in such situations, but on the other hand when it's plain as day that something is not right, and they won't act, that is very discouraging.

I might use DA as a showcase page, but again, I doubt it. I don't draw nearly as much as I used to due to work and having little time for much else that requires effort, so it would be a rare sight to see.

I do however have an art  Tumblr if anyone is interested. Again very little on there, but I'm hoping I can use it to post up doodles and scraps so I don't feel the need to always have something polished to show.


I also have a FA account (I promise there's no porn on there I am ridiculously shy about drawing and/or showing things outside a PG rating ha ha I'm such a kid fff) but again, barely touch it outside of favouriting stuff (I will warn THAT part may contain some mature stuff, but it's all from an art appreciation point of view, not because of yiff yiff murrrrr! /smacked). But it's the same username as here so I dunno up to you there.

All up I just wanted to let folks know what's going on. I've noticed a lot of people have drifted away from DA, and I used to always say that I never would because it is a good place. But now that there's so many other ways to share things and DA seems to have fallen behind somehow, it's time to used this thing as more of a time capsule than a gallery.

If you made it this far wow you're patient. I'm pretty sure I lost my train of thought ages ago.


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