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December 11, 2004
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WHAPPAH by outcastsproductions WHAPPAH by outcastsproductions
EDIT: Fixed the glasses' rim. Forgot all about it. ^^;

I must confess I've never watched an episode of Team-O Supremo, but I know the characters quirks and the like. Including the characters' little battle cries.

Once again for *nintendomaximus, though this time I did it in the original art style of the show. You'd think it was easy to draw, but you should know by now NOTHING is easy. NOTHING!

Personally, I like this one better. Much cuter. ^^

Please do not copy, edit, repost, or use any of my images or characters without my permission. Thank you.</u>
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Big-Dub Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009
Great job! Is that true, you've never seen the show? That looks just like 'em.

Remember, Jesus Saves!
spd243 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2008  Student Artist
Awesome pic! :) I remember, back when I was young, I would watch this show every day...Teamo Supremo was an awesome show.

Too bad they stop the show along with Sonic X :(
MilesTailsPrower-007 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, you did a good job trying to copy the style. =]

It's kinda cute how she's tied him up in the skipping rope, yet he really doesn't seem to mind. Nicely drawn and colored, and I like how you can see a vague blush on his cheeks. The bright background really adds to this ^^
nintendomaximus Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2004
Y'know what's odd? I had already considered doing this kind of fanart myself! I wonder why I never got around to it...
katwarrior Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2004
This was surprising! :P You not only drew humans, but cartoony-ish ones! I thought at first "Did that deviation really have the name by it that I thought it did?!" But it's good to see you broadening your horizons some. ^_^ Excellent work.
nintendomaximus Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2004
Heavy "aww" alert! Like I said before, a Crandall/Brenda fluff fanart is always good to see. :+fav: You forgot the rims of Crandall's glasses, though. Think you can fix that? Otherwise, it's perfect!
Jammerlee Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I've seen it... I didn't like it ._.;; It struck me as a great big Powerpuff Girls wannabe, without any violence. None. Each episode the bad guy was captured by getting tied up O_o;

The picture's pretty cute though.
nintendomaximus Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2004
I used to think "Teamo Supremo" was a "Powerpuff Girls" ripoff myself, but eventually I realized it couldn't be, because Teamo isn't flying around shooting lasers from their eyes. That, and the fact that Governor Kevin is surely capable of opening his own pickle jars. Incidentally, I have seen some violence on the show. For one thing, in the episode "Science Friction!", Crandall wanted to resort to physical violence because his favorite place to go (the Out-of-This-World amusement park) was being destroyed by extraterrestrials (they were actually automatons controlled by Baron Blitz). Also, Teamo's members showed some bruises in "The Baron's Blitz!", and in the last episode I saw, "The Gauntlet's New Gloves!", the featured villain atempted to kill them by throwing the Lobster of Liberty on them, but was foiled when Crandall's mysterious super-powers suddenly appeared and fought back at him.
Getting back to the subject of "Teamo" being a "Powerpuff Girls" wanna-be, I don't really find that surprising, considering that it's not the first time Disney's spoofed other peoples' ideas (I won't be counting movie adaptations of those stories). You probably know about "The Lion King"'s strange similarity to "Kimba the White Lion", right? Also, the "DuckTales" character of Gizmoduck seems to be a Robocop spoof, and the spin-off series "Darkwing Duck" has sometimes been called a "Batman" spoof, yet some people (incorrectly) claim it to be an "Inspector Gadget" rip-off. In addition, "The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show" and "Timon and Pumbaa" (their spin-off series, that is) seemed reminscent of "Ren & Stimpy". "Recess" could be a 10-year-old's "Rugrats". And I do believe that Leonard Maltin once said that "Gargoyles" was probably inspired by "Batman: The Animated Series". I didn't think a response to another person's comment about "Teamo" would lead to a paragraph about what ideas Disney has <strike>;plaigurized</strike> taken a shot at, but then again, I've been know to write rather lengthy comments.
Ironically (what it with me and that word today?), as much as I like "Teamo", if they got in a fight with the Powerpuff Girls, I'd place my bet on the Girls. They can fly and shoot lasers from their eyes!
Jammerlee Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
True originality in the world has been extinct for a long time. The only originality that still exists is to do a different take off something someone else has done, which in itself is starting to become a rarity. Of course, what also makes the difference boils down to how well these "spoofs" can be pulled off. I believe that absolutely anything can be done, and done well, if the right approach is applied. But then again, you can't please everyone, so the "right" approach must then boil down to what will please the vast majority.
lisatails Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2004
OMG that is so cute ^^ :love: awwww!

I love the colouring as well :3 Hehe, I've never seen this show before either...I haven't even heard of it ^^;
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